Ray Goodwin

Ray Goodwin

Author, Canoeist & Coach

2017 will be the 25th anniversary of mine and Rob Egelstaff’s Circumnavigation of Wales in a canoe. We had pushed the boundary of what was possible never expecting that it would be preeminent for so long. Now Colin and Davis have come up with a trip that will dwarf ours: the Circumnavigation of Great Britain in an open canoe.
I have been privileged to know of Colin and Davis’s ambition for some time. This immense challenge will take skill, planning and both physical and mental endurance. They have what it takes.
Whether they succeed or not I feel honoured to be associated with this journey and they have my very best wishes. It is time for the boundaries to be pushed back.

Greg Spencer

Singleblade Canoeist & Canoe Sailor

Colin and Katrina’s first forays into canoeing and kayaking were quite notable, involving the Devizes-Westminster and classic routes in Scotland, but their circumnavigation of Anglesey raised the bar quite astonishingly. When I met up with Davis, I recognised the makings of a very strong team.
In getting around Skye in marginal conditions and then completing “The Missing Link” in three days, Colin and Davis demonstrated extraordinary commitment and resilience: exactly what’s needed to handle the challenges of extended coastal journeying!
​​​The team’s preparations have been meticulous and I look forward to following their progress from next March!​