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Colin Skeath and Davis Gould-Duff are attempting to become the first adventurers to circumnavigate mainland Britain in an open canoe

On 30th April 2017 Colin and Davis will set off from Strontian on Loch Sunart, paddling and sailing in their Swift Temagami open canoe, aiming to circumnavigate Britain…

Ray Goodwin
Ray Goodwin – Author, Canoeist and Coach
[…] mine and Rob Egelstaff’s Circumnavigation of Wales in a canoe pushed the boundary of what was possible […] Now Colin and Davis have come up with a trip that will dwarf ours [read in full here]​​

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  • June 6, 2015
    9:30 am

    For some time I have considered circumnavigating Anglesey in an open canoe. I couldn’t find any record of this being done before. Maybe there was a reason for that? But in June 2015 all the stars were in alignment. A high pressure weather system was in charge. Katrina

  • Danny I think it is absolutely brilliant the achievement
  • Martin Hello gang, Your progress is amazing and complete
  • Rob Taylor Hi again. I would like to paddle with you either
  • derek Sounds amazing, big skies and super photos. Seems
  • Pete Clark Hi gentlemen, good luck with your trip. A few year
  • Skeathy Hi Dave, thanks for the comment. Since writing the
  • David Stubbs Interesting write up Colin. You might like to cons

The TeamThe Challenge

Colin and Davis’ plan to Canoe Around Britain comes on the back of many individual and joint adventures, both on land and on the water.

Though the team will be self-supporting for days on end, their adventures will be supported by Katrina, Tyke and Gonzo.

To read about Colin, Davis & the Team click HERE

The Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice supports children with life shortening conditions and their families, and Colin and Davis have decided to use their Canoe Around Britain challenge as a way of raising money for this fantastic cause.​​​

To donate via Just Giving click HERE

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When they’re on the water, the team’s Spot Messenger generally relays location details every 10 minutes. Click on the image below for live tracking!

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