News from the Canoe Around Britain Team

  • June 6, 2015
    9:30 am
    Written By Skeathy

    For some time I have considered circumnavigating Anglesey in an open canoe. I couldn’t find any record of this being done before. Maybe there was a reason for that? But in June 2015 all the stars were in alignment. A high pressure weather system was in charge. Katrina and I both had 3 days off work, no plans, and a friend who could look after our dogs, Tyke and Gonzo. Game on! Our plan was to drive to Cemlyn Bay on the North Coast, spend the night, and then canoe around the Island in our 17 foot Old Town Penobscot - using the three disciplines of paddling, sailing and paddle sailing. Our chosen rig was the Solway Dory 35 sq ft expedition sail with leeboard and rudder also from Solway Dory. We would not use